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This PDF will help you learn how to use 3 common root-cause analysis methods employed in the Medical Device industry to solve problems.

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    “Knowing root-cause analysis (RCA) well, is one of the most important advantages someone could have in the Medical Device industry. Whether it's DV&V, Process Validations, NCs, CAPAs, you name it - RCA is at the heart of all problem solving techniques.”

    William Morales

    Medical Device Engineer | Six Sigma Black Belt

    What you'll get:

    Free PDF with the blog post, templates, and completed examples for 3 common RCA methods in the Medical Device industry (5-Whys, Cause and Effect Diagram, and Is / Is Not Diagram).

    What is RCa?

    Root-cause analysis (RCA) searches for the underlying cause of a problem instead of the symptoms. It's one of the first steps in implementing a solution that eliminates the causal chain of events that led to the problem.

    All Medical Device engineers, technicians and other professionals should have a good knowledge of RCA as it is a vital step in general problem-solving approaches, such as: Six Sigma DMAIC methodology, the Shewhart/Deming PDCA Cycle, 8D, CAPA / NC processes, etc.